Raymond Berg
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Raymond started his academic career at the University of Wisconsin - Superior with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. During his time there he served several positions in IT management, student affairs, web design, systems integration, and freelance development contracting. He completed his Masters at the University of Tulsa in Computer Science (speciailizing in Information Assurance / CyberSecurity) while serving as a course instructor, independent webdev contractor, and information assurance engineer.

He served 5 year stint supporting the US government in Washington DC as an computer scientist and technical advisor in the cyber security field. Following this he returned to the heartland where he leveraged these skills within the financial industry.

He has background in topics such as software engineering, cybersecurity (architecture, analysis/hunting, incident response, computer and network forensics), process automation, technical portfolio management, systems integration, and technical hiring. But his first and greatest passion is for software development.